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Growing up in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia in a household of independent small business I saw first hand how hard it is to be successful and grow a small business. After finishing school and following his passion for sport and health, Paul qualified as a Naturopathic Practitioner and built up his own small business as a Clinical Practitioner. These early years of applying his trade would build upon the love and passion I had for growing small business to this day.

In 2002, my life took a surprising turn as I traveled to the UK as a semi-professional cricketer.

“I was playing A-Grade district cricket as a recreation, but never dream’t that I would earn a contract playing in the UK!”

After two seasons of full-time cricket, I remained in the UK and focused back on my career. I started working from the bottom up, starting on the shop floor as a part timer, with the next few years bringing career growth into supervisor roles, assistant management, and then operational management in the retail, salon and beauty industry (this was not by design, but I ran with it!)

Managing staff, sales budgets, marketing events, promotions, and everything else became second nature. After over eight years of floor management for a few brands, I then moved off the shop floor and into the field, servicing small business owners in a Sales & Marketing function. It was in these next years that it would become clear to me that many business owners had never been exposed to the training or mentor-ship that I had. They were grappling with their business and their own work/life balance – even the really profitable ones were suffering!

“Every day I would visit independent business owners and talk through every facet of their business – nothing was off limits. The daily struggles with their staff, the financial decisions, problems with clients, and products, as well as many personal challenges. This was not what I was paid for, but it was where I offered the most value, and with my operational experience I was offering all sorts of solutions that were not being thought of. It was really rewarding to see the worry and stress turn into calm and happiness with good practical application of my tips. Increased profitability tended to follow as well”.

As I worked through many years of successes across the UK market, I eventually graduated to a Regional Management position in Australia where I worked for a few years before knowing what I needed to do:

Get out there to those business owners myself in with a full focus of helping owners and managers gain results through their teams using the best practices I had learnt over the years.

“This may seem counter-intuitive, but people become business owners so they don’t have to manage someone else’s business. However, running other people’s business’ gives you the discipline, processes, tools, and skills to be able to grow a business. Many business owners need assistance because they do not have this infrastructure and support around them”

I have met hundreds of business owners that wing it! I am not totally opposed this, but without a solid foundation it usually runs them into trouble, either financially or personally. Time, health, relationships, and business growth can suffer in the short and long term.”

I work within three core values to assist my clients to run smoother businesses with new revenue growth:


I challenge your thinking. Your processes. Your Strategy. Your Goals. Is it right? Are you clear? Paul will challenge you and your team, so be ready for a bit of tough love. Change is in the air to move you and your business forward.


Process is important. Technology can help. Effective marketing is critical. It is all important, but there is one thing that stands head and shoulders above the rest – your staff (that includes you!) Manage yourself and your people well, and the party is going to be so much more fun. A people first approach is how we get sustainable results.


Taking the shackles off ourselves and working in new different ways is so much fun. We can breathe life back into you and your business by changing up how we do things, even if it is a little tweek here and there. Newness is a beautiful thing.